Lai – Boudoir Portrait

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Lai is not only a mother of two, but also a loving wife and a professional with a lot of responsibility – a power woman through and through!

To treat herself something nice, she booked a photo session with us and came from Hamburg to Berlin. Her idea for the photo shoot was indeed to reflect sensuality and strength, but without being “naked”. This is how these breath-taking boudoir-style pictures were created. Because boudoir does not only mean to present oneself naked or in lingerie, but to represent the body sensually and romantically. This way you can create beautiful pictures where you are covered!

Her husband was very happy about the pictures and was very proud of his pretty, strong wife.

This is what Lai says about her photo shoot with us:

“Thank you, dear Silk over Glass Team ♥
I had such a wonderful shoot with you, almost like a wellness day, as I later told my husband and friends. They respond on individual requests without the feeling of assembly-line work. I know what I’m talking about because I already had many different photo sessions. Both alone and family photo shoots. I especially liked that even before the shoot we talked about the ideas of what I wanted. Then you got a complex portfolio with sample images, so that I could see if the team understood my thoughts on the shoot. On the day of the shoot I was warmly welcomed and immediately offered a drink. Immediately I felt at ease and as if I was with friends. Then the process was discussed again in peace and the stylist Tina proposed the styling / make-up, which fits best with the outfits I brought. I felt well advised and looked after every minute. Ilka is a great photographer, who gives great instructions and bends herself until she puts you in the perfect light. The honest pricing policy is also exemplary, because I paid exactly what was agreed. All the other “chains” they attract with reasonable starting prices but ask for each additional photo so much money afterwards that I paid far more at the other shoots. The shoot had given back to me a feeling that I have totally pushed away in my daily life with my family; as a woman. Just taking time for yourself and learning to love your own body again was a whole new experience for me. I came out of the shoot with a new self-confidence and would like to thank the team!”