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At the #mehralsdanke boudoir party of Doppel D we got to know Sandra. She is an inspiring and strong woman who has wholeheartedly deserved her photo shoot.

Sandra is a single mom and lost almost 73 kg last year and thus got a completely new feeling for life. With the photo shoot she hoped for more self-confidence for her new body and acceptance for her now somewhat protruding skin.

These are the touching words from dear Sandra:

“The hours with you were amazing! It was very familiar from the beginning, as if you had known each other forever, so all the excitement from before was suddenly blown away.
The first look in the mirror after the styling was done was overwhelming! I could hardly believe that it was me.
The shoot went by in a flash and was a lot of fun! There was no posed grin or laughter, that was not necessary. My underwear set fits like a glove and was comfortable, so there was no reason to feel insecure. Confidence grew with every photo and when I saw the end result I was speechless! I have never seen myself like this and I am more than happy that I was one of the winners. Iwould do it again at any time.

I thank the entire team of Doppel D who made the day unforgettable!
You are awesome! “