Boudoir Party with Doppel D

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For a young company as we are, it’s always a special moment if established companies want to work with us. Just like Doppel D from Berlin with their lovely boss Jenny. She and her team are helping every curvy woman to find the perfect bra since 2012, and so help them to a better self-perception.

Especially the themes of self-love and a good self-esteem for women of every size are very important to them. So they make the perfect partner for a collaboration as this one!

Three lucky winner came to our studio in Berlin, for a very special thank-you-party where they had their very own free photo session in their new Doppel D underwear.


The whole day was filled with laughter and small wow moments for everybody present.

And so not only three beautiful photo series evolved, but also a behind the scene video, which captured that special day for us.

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We enjoyed that day very much, especially the engery of those three powerful women!

And last but not least a big thank you to Jenny and her whole team!
Working with you and learning from you is so much fun.