Ilka Herrmann


Tina Fung

Make Up Artist



Ilka: Where to begin… lasagna, phô and pancakes. Therefore all local specialties my mom cooks when I am visiting and just about everything which is topped with cheese. And the best always comes at the end: dessert!

Tina: I am a true food lover. From Italian cuisine to the culinary art of Japan, I  love all kinds of tastes. If I have to chose: Sushi!


Ilka: Always staying in motion, moving forward with playful ease and being able to adapt myself to every situation – that is what being a a waterbender is all about!

Tina: Proud to be a strong and pragmatic earthbender!


Ilka: Energetic / Talented / Strong – One of those people who makes you better.

Tina: Generous, creative and clever would sum up Ilka as a whole. 


Ilka: Boudoir is the business side of my personal beliefs – being beautiful and strong person from within. I love bringing people closer to their own bodies and making them believe in their own self. Boudoir challenges and amazes me again and again every time.

Tina: Boudoir reflects the strong and sensual beauty in you. It transforms any woman and man into their true, confident and graceful self.


Ilka: Being woken up by the sun and enjoying the day with my loved ones, a lot of good food, music and dancing. In the evening we would  light a bonfire, have a glass of wine and eat lots of sweets.

Tina: First, I would have to bring together all my loved ones, and second,  provide enough food and drinks; chatting, playing around – just having a good time. The unsocial me: staying indoors, watching series and movies on my couch all day.


Ilka: It is hard to declare myself to a single book or movie. The company name is saying it – The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer is a huge part of my life (when we are talking books – not movies). Like every nerd of my generation I love Harry Potter. In Addition I love reading manga of all genres.

Tina: As I have been a Potterhead my whole life, Harry Potter by the marvelous J. K. Rowling is of course my No. 1. I also love the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, The Saga of Darren Shan by Darren Shan and The 13 ½ Lives of Captain Bluebear by Walter Moers.


Ilka: I am always completely into what I am reading or listening to at the moment – I can get quite obsessive – especially because of my friends who get right into this with me. There is always some new artist, writer or music to be fascinated by.

Tina: Since I am a very artistically person, my passions and obsessions are always in the field of crafting or creating stuff with my own hands. Whether it is music, cooking or painting. Right now I do calligraphy and work on my bullet journal.


Ilka and Tina met in 2012 during a joint internship in a model and people agency in Berlin. They worked together in the area of media, which is determined only by outward appearances and the so-called ideals. Despite the morally difficult circumstances, they got to know each other very well. The result was a profound friendship that was not only based on common interests, but also on similar ways of life and the certainty of forming a good team together. Over the months, they worked hard and strengthened their leadership skills as well as their knowledge in dealing with people of all kinds and from different countries. They took responsibility for cooperating with companies in all areas of the media world.

During this time, they also worked together as a team in a photo shoot for the first time and achieved results outside their previous expectations. At that time, the idea, which at that time was still considered a “funny idea”, later came to life in the form of a photo studio.


Silk over Glass Photography offers something that is completely new in the Berlin area. The “complete package” in boudoir photography – everything from one source. Absolutely no effort for you – everything is organized and managed by SoG. Together we set a date, during which you can attend without much preparation and no need to worry about anything else. You get your styling directly in the studio. There is a selection of jewelery, accessories and props to choose from – in addition to private garments. The photo session takes place in our own studio – a friendly, relaxed and informal atmosphere. You decide how you want to receive your photos, whether digital on a USB stick, as a high-quality print or as a photo book, ready to give away or to keep it yourself.

The results are high-quality photographs, which are modern yet timeless, and perfectly fitting for you. Your wishes and goals can be brought in, as all customers are individually advised and served.
You experience a photo session far away from mass processing and standard motivs, far away from the hustle and bustle of the big companies and the old-fashioned studios with paper backgrounds. You can expect a modern natural light studio, which is decoraited in different designs to make a wide range of motives possible. All customers are individually styled according to their ideas and using the latest techniques, thus they can underline their character or slip into a completely new skin.

Silk over Glass offers more than just “beautiful photos”, but a character-strengthening experience that aims to make customers more self-confident with a smile on their faces and a piece of chocolate in their hands. Along this direction Ilka and Tina want to open the world for all kinds of beauty.


“I fixed her image behind my closed eyes to control myself, focusing only on her face. The delicate framework of her bones, the thin sheath of her pale skin—like silk stretched over glass, incredibly soft and easy to shatter.” 

© 2008 Stephenie Meyer / Midnight Sun / Partial Draft

Stephenie Meyer did not only create one of the best novel series I know by writing The Twilight Saga, but also carved my future paths from the day on I first held Twilight in my hands. Her incredible ability to write about beauty (obvious and hidden) changed my view on the world and somehow my work in later life.

I intend to see beauty in (almost) everything and especially in everyone. That’s the reason why I started with photography in the first place – to make a girl see herself with clearer eyes, to make her see how beautiful she is.

Years later I would meet someone with the same ambition but other methods. Tina and I turned out to do an internship at the same time in the same agency and since then have been incredibly close friends. With her I found someone with a unique mind, incredibly gifted and who has the same attitude towards Twilight.

First we worked together on a photoshoot for our (at that time) superior (and still best friend) Moni. Afterwards we learned and developed our skills together and grew together as a team.

So when the question for the name of our company popped up, I wanted something to represent beauty as fragile and breathtaking as it can be. As The Twilight Saga helds a high position not only in my life but also in Tina’s, the answer came quick.

Silk over Glass Photography illustrates everything we stand for – that beauty is in everyone.


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