“I fixed her image behind my closed eyes to control myself, focusing only on her face. The delicate framework of her bones, the thin sheath of her pale skin—like silk stretched over glass, incredibly soft and easy to shatter.” 

© 2008 Stephenie Meyer / Midnight Sun / Partial Draft

Stephenie Meyer did not only create one of the best novel series I know by writing The Twilight Saga, but also carved my future paths from the day on I first held Twilight in my hands. Her incredible ability to write about beauty (obvious and hidden) changed my view on the world and somehow my work in later life.

I intend to see beauty in (almost) everything and especially in everyone. That’s the reason why I started with photography in the first place – to make a girl see herself with clearer eyes, to make her see how beautiful she is.

Years later I would meet someone with the same ambition but other methods. Tina and I turned out to do an internship at the same time in the same agency and since then have been incredibly close friends. With her I found someone with a unique mind, incredibly gifted and who has the same attitude towards Twilight.

First we worked together on a photoshoot for our (at that time) superior (and still best friend) Moni. Afterwards we learned and developed our skills together and grew together as a team.

So when the question for the name of our company popped up, I wanted something to represent beauty as fragile and breathtaking as it can be. As The Twilight Saga helds a high position not only in my life but also in Tina’s, the answer came quick.

Silk over Glass Photography illustrates everything we stand for – that beauty is in everyone.