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The sunshine that we were able to get to know at the #mehralsdanke boudoir party from Doppel D was Lisa Sophie. She is incredibly cute, sweet but above all self-confident – WOW, this woman can pose!

She loves her curves, we love her curves and we are 100% in favor of this body positivity!

Lisa Sophie wanted to try everything and in the end a great and sensual series was created, which encouraged curvy women to love their bodies and treat themselves to a boudoir photo session.

This is what Lisa Sophie says about the shooting day:

“The day of the shoot was just perfect. A great team, snacks, a little sparkling wine and the wonderful bra set by Doppel D. I felt very comfortable and was given professional advice. Tina gave me a beautiful styling, Ilka took the most beautiful photos and Jenny always made sure that everything was sitting correctly. The fact that I was wearing the perfect bra was definitely one reason why I felt so sexy and confident in my skin. The bra set fit like a glove and it was fun to set the scene for the photo. The boudoir shooting also helped me a lot to love my body even more and to accept it as it is. There were super beautiful and sensual photos that showed me how great it is to have curves. ”