Our first birthday

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We are not really birthday princesses, we only remember birthdays with difficulty and never celebrate our own. Somehow getting older is not our thing …

But the birthday of our baby Silk over Glass is a very different story!

We are so proud of our studio and all the beautiful women who have left it so happy. So of course there were also gifts – for you! Three great women won a photo shoot with us and took part in our marathon.

Beautiful Marie was the first with her twin sister Elisabeth in our studio. She was a natural talent in front of the camera and enchanted us with her eyes. It was a very natural in-bedroom concept, which nevertheless looks playful and sensual.

And then, quite spontaneously, Elisabeth decided to jump in front of the camera!
A whole new experience for us to have two such charming sisters in front of the camera.

In the next round, the loving and sweet Anne came to her shoot. She would like to keep her photos for herself and her man, but we do not want to withhold from you what an inspiring and warm-hearted woman she is and what a cool gothic photo shoot we had with her.

Third came Jessica, who literally brought the sun into the studio with her striking red hair. Every pose and movement of this woman was elegant and sexy – Jessica is a timeless beauty and moves with an insane elegance!

We thank everyone who participated and your loyal support.

We are very much looking forward to 2020!

Your SoG-team