Adriano – Harry Potter Boudoir

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I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good.

If you haven’t noticed yet – we are nerds. And that big time – one reason why we get along so well. Abiding theme is (and always will be) J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter saga. Even if the first release has been over 20 years ago, the franchise and our fan love keep us going!

So a couple of years ago we stumpled over the works of photographer Sarah Hester, who published a Harry Potter Boudoir series – and man, did we want to be Ginny in that moment! The photos are amazing and inspired us.

Now in 2019, eight years after the release of the last HP movie and not a lil bit less fascinated, we show our version of a Harry Potter Boudoir.

Our „Harry“ is Adriano in real life and he played his part fantastically!

Mischief managed!