What to wear?

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The most asked qestion is always: What should I wear?

Today you can chose from enormous selections of lingerie in endless shops – for every shape and in every color you can imagine. We are often amazed how a perfect fitted piece of laundry emphasises the body.

Still, for many that’s way too expensive.

That is completely understandable and not a problem at all – it doesn’t have to be newest lingerie, other clothing is just as nice for boudoir sessions.

Except the feather boa   – which can stay at home.


5. Skinny Jeans

Women don’t necessarily have to show a lot of skin. This also applies of course to the use of dramatic skirts and for position number 4…

4. Oversized Sweaters

Do you want a cuddly photo session? The sweater can hide a lot and nevertheless show more than enough if used right.

3. Shirt

It’s a classic and looks always great, you usually don’t need anything more.

2. Jewllery

Even if the bra isn’t that special – with the right necklace or a pair of great earrings it can change the whole appearance.

1. Nothing

You still can’t find anything from the list above at home? No problem – come anyway! We have white sheets and some accessories that you can borrow for the shooting. And at the end of the day we want to capture your body and not your expensive lingeries…

Everyone should decide for herself what and how many things to bring for the shooting. Our options are limited, since we don’t rent lingerie. Anyway that shouldn’t stop anyone from having a boudoir session!

You are our focus!