Boudoir Session

… our speciality, because it’s just so much fun!

Boudoir describes partial nude and nude photography with natural light apart from the “normal” studio. We don’t have paper backgrounds and no large flash units, we use the light which falls through the large windows!

We see boudoir as a chance to make a gift for yourself.

White Sheet Session

… it works without anything too!

With a blank canvas of white sheets, you can decide what you want to show of yourself. Whether with or without underwear, over or under the sheets, the pictures can be covered, so that it mainly becomes a portrait, or very sensual, so that only the breast and the private area are slightly covered. The possibilities are unlimited!

After Dark Session

…on the principle of “less is sexy”!

The After Dark Session, is something very special and creates a completely different aura than the usual daylight shoot.

Here we rely on sparingly used “artificial” light sources (in this case everything except daylight) and this resulting a play of light and shadow. Hard edges and no smooth transitions, but strong shadows and few bright areas in your shoot.

Virginie – Mother of Dragon

Virginie is back! Still with blue hair, but with a new baby bump. Many still remember that Virginie was one of the first in our new studio and now came…

Sandra – Doppel D

At the #mehralsdanke boudoir party of Doppel D we got to know Sandra. She is an inspiring and strong woman who has wholeheartedly deserved her photo shoot. Sandra is a…

Melanie – Doppel D

At the #mehralsdanke boudoir party of Doppel D we got to know the cool and confident Melanie. No matter how many people were around her, she stayed cool and let…
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