We have to close our studio...

The corona situation and the conditional closure of the studio put too much pressure on our small company, unfortunately we are unable to continue.
The three months of lockdown cannot be recovered, ending this wonderful adventure at the end of July.

The facts first:
1. Photo shoots and photo reorders are still possible until July 31, 2020 inclusive. (If there is high demand, there may be delays in the delivery time) We would be very happy if our studio will still used well in its last days.
2. All vouchers that have been bought through helfen.berlin can also be redeemed until July 31, 2020, or will be refunded on request.

Our hearts are broken.
It was not an easy decision to give up all of this and it hurts a lot.
It is still our dream come true and the 1 ½ years were a great time! We were able to meet so many great women and take pictures!
Tina and Ilka are and will remain ONE TEAM! We will remain not only friends, but also colleagues in our free time.
We will of course provide you with all the information until the end, and we want to put out some great photos and blog posts that you should definitely see.
Stay with us!

Virginie – Mother of Dragon

Virginie is back! Still with blue hair, but with a new baby bump. Many still remember that Virginie was one of the first in our new studio and now came…

Sandra – Doppel D

At the #mehralsdanke boudoir party of Doppel D we got to know Sandra. She is an inspiring and strong woman who has wholeheartedly deserved her photo shoot. Sandra is a…

Melanie – Doppel D

At the #mehralsdanke boudoir party of Doppel D we got to know the cool and confident Melanie. No matter how many people were around her, she stayed cool and let…

Lisa Sophie – Doppel D

The sunshine that we were able to get to know at the #mehralsdanke boudoir party from Doppel D was Lisa Sophie. She is incredibly cute, sweet but above all self-confident…


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