Portrait Session

… keep your clothes on and CHEESE!

Not for every shoot with us you have to undress yourself, sometimes your face is enough to seduce. Whether it’s special business photos, a photo for your sweetheart’s desk or a new profile picture for social media – your face becomes your character’s canvas and we’ll do the rest!

Business Session

… or quite serious for the dream job.

If you do not want to have standard application photos but something natural that represents yourself then this is the right place!

Lisa Sophie – Doppel D

The sunshine that we were able to get to know at the #mehralsdanke boudoir party from Doppel D was Lisa Sophie. She is incredibly cute, sweet but above all self-confident…

Jessica – Burning Elegance

For our one year birthday we raffled off three photoshoots to our loyal followers – Jessica was one of the winners. She came to our studio in such a good…

Marie – Blonde Sensuality

For our one-year corporate anniversary, we raffled off three photoshoots to our loyal followers – Marie was one of the winners. The beautiful Marie came through the door and was…
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