Portrait Session

… keep your clothes on and CHEESE!

Not for every shoot with us you have to undress yourself, sometimes your face is enough to seduce. Whether it’s special business photos, a photo for your sweetheart’s desk or a new profile picture for social media – your face becomes your character’s canvas and we’ll do the rest!

Business Session

… or quite serious for the dream job.

If you do not want to have standard application photos but something natural that represents yourself then this is the right place!

Anonymous Photo Shoot

Some of our clients asked us for anonymous boudoir photo sessions – they want to have sensual pictures of themselves without them beeing recognizable. Such anonymous photos have something very…

Nora – Contest Winner

Some time ago we arranged a small contest together with dear Paula Lambert („Paula kommt“, SIXX), to find a woman who deserves some time off and a great day with…
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