Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

All pictures of customers on our website are published with written assignment.
If you don’t want your photos published, that’s completely fine and won’t change anything regarding your shooting with us.

In most cases we are able to retouch and edit things you don’t like on your picture.
We also always prefer a natural look – as we do not intent to make you look like a porcelain doll! We will decide together what and how strongly you want to have your photos retouched and whether it will be possible to do so.

You have to bring your own clothing as we can’t offer any. But it does not always have to be pretty lingerie! For inspiration on what to wear you can take a look here: What to wear?
Also we offer a variety of body jewelry, from which you might, chose from, to make your outfit perfect for the camera.

If you can relax better when someone is with you, feel free to bring someone along.
But more than one person can be very distracting not only for us but also for you as you are supposed to relax and feel unobserved in front of the camera.
Just tell us if you want to bring someone along beforehand.

Thanks for choosing us for your photo shooting!
Now you only need to choose your price package – we take care of the rest.
Just write us (best via contact sheet)
Some information about you and about what you want and expect from us. If you have trouble choosing the right package for your needs, talk with us!
For a more detailed view into one of our shootings you can take a look here: link

We offer different price packages, so you can choose exactly what fits your needs.

You have to be at least 18 years old to attend a boudoir session.

But there are no limits to the other end – nobody is too old for boudoir!

What a great idea! We would love to help you to create the perfect gift. We offer a range of high quality prints and counsel you on photo books and calendars. As soon as you decided what you want we will take care to get everything finished for you. As all this can take quite some time, please think about an early appointment.

You will receive all finished files in .jpg format on a USB stick. Additional prints will be in a photo folder.

We recommend you to pick up your photos in person, if that is not possible we can also sent everything via postal service.

Our main focus is the boudoir photography and that is what we build our studio for. But if you’ve got a good idea and want to shoot in our studio anyway, you can contact us and let us know what you want to do! We’re always open to new inspiration.

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