Bachelorette Party at Silk over Glass

Bachelorette Party at Silk over Glass

A very special evening did this group of girls spent in our studio – it was a bachelorette party!

This party is an important part of the wedding preparations for the bride and her bridesmaids – we offer a photo shoot in our studio with everything you need – sparkling wine, fun, snacks and pretty pictures in the end!

Whether it’s only you and your bestie, or you’re a group of ten, you can use our two studios with over 40 square meters and will be our VIP guests! We will arrange a champagne reception and provide a selection of sweet and savory snacks. Everybody will get a small makeover and then we will capture some unique pictures of you. We are happy to offer motives and ideas but are also looking forward to your ideas! Bring your props to the bachelorette photo shoot to make the experience even more personal.

Afterwards you can join the clubs of the city or go and relax in a nice bar or restaurant – just like this group did! See an overview of our offer here.

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