Anonymous Photo Shoot

Anonymous Photo Shoot

Some of our clients asked us for anonymous boudoir photo sessions – they want to have sensual pictures of themselves without them beeing recognizable. Such anonymous photos have something very artistic and aesthetic, if the face is not shown or only the outline of the body (so-called “bodyscapes”) can be seen in the pictures.

It’s also a kind of security: you want to have nice photos of yourself and hang the pictures on the wall as wall. Others will look at the pictures and think, “This is a beautiful, elegant and fascinating picture.” and then you surprise them when they find out that it’s actually you in the photo.

If you also want to consider an anonymous boudoir session, there are a few options to create this sophisticated look:


Choosing a closer frame is an excellent way to hide the identity. It is a very good option to highlight a specific part of the body or to emphasize certain aspects such as tattoos or beauty marks.


Playing with light and shadow in general can give photos an incredibly artistic look. Again, this is a nice way to capture some of your favorite features or silhouette or be used to distract or “hide” certain aspects.


With this option, the possibilities are endless. The favorite hat, an eccentric Venetian carnival mask or just hide behind the bridal veil – there are so many possibilities.

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